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Why #SupportArabCinema?

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Relatable entertainment

Arab films tell stories that our society relates to. Whether it be action, thriller, romance or comedy - Arab films come in a variety of genres and are made with the same high production values as Hollywood movies.

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Job opportunities

The film industry requires large numbers of talent, crews and technicians, which creates numerous job opportunities for us and future generations.

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Award-winning content

Hundreds of Arab films screen at festivals around the world and win prestigious awards every year. These films are our ambassadors; they show the world who we are without stereotypes.

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Stay up to date

Keep up to date with the latest Arab film news, find new productions, and find them in cinemas near you.

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Watch at cinemas

When you buy a ticket for an Arab film you keep it in cinemas longer, you encourage distributors and exhibitors to play more Arab films and you help get new ones made.